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Forbes Marshall, Inc.
Vortex Type Flow Meters, Control Valves, Pressure Reducing and Desuperheating Valves.
Techlite Insulation
Techlite Prejacketted Insulation Systems Environmentally Safe Insulation
Casso-Solar Corporation
Standard and Custom Infrared Heaters, Ovens, and Complete Turnkey Systems
Delta Cooling Towers
Corrosion-proof, HDPE Cooling Towers 15 year Warranty
Des Champs
(Div. of Munters)
Provides packaged Industrial Air Systems for
High efficiency Air to Air heat recovery (up to 1600f)
Gas Fired Indirect air heating (up to 1200f)
Process and Warehouse airconditioning.
Humidity Control with Dewpoints as low as -100f.
Intertech Instrumentation
Complete Solution for Field Instrumentation Protection Enclosures, Shades, Shelters, Heaters, & Controllers

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