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Complete Turn-Key Heat Tracing, Instrument Tube Bundles and Steam Tracing
Fike Corporation
Overpressure Protection for Process Equipment Utilizing Rupture Discs and venting Technology
Fike Corporation
Expolsion Isolation and Suppression Solutions for Dust and Gas Handling Process-Systems Exceed NFPA and Insurance Industry Guidelines
The Global Suppliers of Heat Exchanger Technology for Heating, Cooling and Evaporation-Plate & Frame, Scraped Surface, Spiral and Platecoil Types
Alfalaval BVF
Solids Seperation with Automated Straining, Centrifuge, and Decanter Technology
Flow and Level Switches, Thermal & Coriolis Mass Flowmeters, Vortab Flow Conditioners
Badger Meter, Inc.
Magnetic, Disc, Piston, and Turbo Flow Meters for Industrial and Municipal Flow Measurement Applications


Advantage Engineering, Inc.
1/4 to 1000 Ton Chillers, Corrosion Resistence Fiberglass Cooling Towers, Pump Tank Stations, 100° F. to 500° F. Liquid Heating Systems
High Temperature Air and Gas Heaters, Infrared Ceramic Heaters

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